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Sad Day Was Yesterday..

Yesterday saw the loss of our feathery baby Isis :(
I was really surprised that she stayed around as long as she did after the loss of her partner. But we know she lived a very happy life!
She will be missed :(

Apr. 5th, 2015


Quick Update then...Sleep

Real quick before I head off to sleep...our little Miss Nymeria or Miss N went for her surgery today. Well, if we want to get technical, yesterday. Things went quite well despite the fact that we came close to having to reschedule due to a change in the schedule of the person whose car we were to borrow. Thankfully we didn't need to...our little lady seems to be more 'in the mood' than out. But, according to the wonderful people who cared for her, she is a very lucky little girl. It was found that Miss N has/had a cystic uterus that, if left untreated, would only get worse and could lead to an early death. I am, however, quite happy to say that she is home resting as comfortably as can be expected after surgery. I'm sure she is feeling some pain and discomfort but she seems to be quite happy to be home and has given many 'pets' and slow blinks to prove that. I will be sure to keep everyone updated as things progress but for now...I am tired, feeling a bit under the weather and in need of a long winter's nap. Until later...Good night all 😴


Well now...I'm trying to do a post here and my computer is being a royal butt! As if things weren't going bad enough.
First off was the start of the week and the loss of my fur baby Bryndelle. Her passing was so sudden and unexpected and has left a huge emptiness in my life.
Next came the issues with the hot water heater. The pilot won't stay lit...the landlord is aware of this and says it will take 2 or 3 days to get the part needed to fix it. Just flippin' great!!
I have a video to do that will be very uncrafty as I struggled with insomnia last week. Reason is unknown to me but I can say...it made working quite difficult to say the least. Not to mention the lack of crafty energy!
I can only hope that, though my vacation started off on a bad note, maybe it will end on a good one.
I guess only time will tell.
Sorry for being a debbie downer but...


So I've noticed lately that LJ has been limiting the number of tags they allow for my videos. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this or not. I will say this...It's Flipping Annoying!! and that's being polite.
So this week I changed the tags from my usual to the ones I wanted...I only put 3 and when all was said and done 2 of them were cut. Not a happy camper folks! If it's an issue of me not being a paying customer well excuse the hell out of me for spending my hard earned money to keep a roof over my families heads, food in our stomachs and other necessities. And excuse me for not considering paying to upgrade my account one of those necessities!


A Bit of a Delay...

Just wanted to pop in to let everyone know that I have received the Traveling Swap Box. I did record a video but have been having some issues with my computer....it freezes when I attempt to upload it to YT. I will try again in the morning as I am too tired and a bit depressed. We lost one of our feathery babies this evening. We had him for about 14 years and, if you're familiar with pet stores, they are hardly babies when you get them. So I'm off for the evening...going to try to do a bit of crafty therapy.

First Prize...YIPEE!!!

Thank You Terry!! Keep those videos coming!
Please go check out his channel! Absolutely beautiful work!

My Son's Graduation Cake...

So if you haven't guessed by now....my family is just a bit deranged! But it's all fun!!
My son has worked hard but has done an excellent job! A B.A. is quite an accomplishment and I'm very proud of him! CONGRATS!!

Sunday...5/11/14....To All...


That is all.
Thank You!



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